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Why Lycosia?

Back in 2003- while rummaging through Lycos Community Chatrooms- I discovered The Mystic Tavern (or MT).  MT was a free-form roleplaying game with minimal rules (T1) that allowed participants to assume the role of unique characters and utilize creative writing to explore locations, interact with others, and create limitless storylines.

The Mystic Tavern existed within a fictional world of Lycosia, a world that encouraged me to read and develop writing skills.  I developed long lasting friendships with other players that carried over into my life offline.  Unfortunately Lycos shuttered their Chat Service and a mass exodus of players went in various directions.  Forums, chatrooms, Facebook pages, and other reincarnations of MT have popped up and disappeared over the years.

This site serves a memorial to The Mystic Tavern and the world it existed within- Lycosia.  


P.S. - Yes, this site is hideous and basic, I know.

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